Brooke Graessle

Regional Director - Kansas City, MO

Brooke Graessle, a seasoned REALTOR® with a passion for helping families find their perfect home and make the most of their property investments. With 15+ years of residence in the Kansas City area, Brooke is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and understands the local landscape intimately, making her the ideal guide for your real estate journey.

Having navigated the challenges of military life alongside her husband and three children, Brooke brings a unique perspective to the table. Her personal experiences of relocating, buying, selling, renting, and owning homes across various states have honed her ability to relate to families seeking a smooth transition. As a certified AWREP (American Warrior Real Estate Professional) and the Regional Director for Compass Military Division, Brooke takes pride in assisting families relocating to Kansas and Missouri, offering a warm welcome to those who serve.

Harness Brooke’s wealth of expertise, her deep passion for supporting military families, her genuine affection for the community, and her deep-rooted familiarity with the Kansas City area. Let her guide you through your real estate endeavors with precision, care, and a true neighborly spirit.